Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Japanese Ghost Sighting (English Subs)

This video looks like it was on a t.v. show in japan of a possible ghost in the backgroung of a moving train.

Ghost or hoax?

Monday, July 27, 2009

Real ghost video proof 3

I found this video on youtube. It claimes to be video proof as in the title Real ghost video proof 3.
Posted by saremy127 on his comments are:
"I capture What may be the scariest video on the internet. It has been 5 months since The last sighting of the ghost in my pantry. I filmed the door myself at 12:34 every night for 4 months waiting for some paranormal activity...Sept 19th I capture what may be the first real ghost video proof! Pause at 52-56 seconds, It seems to be a glowing figure in the pantry. Look for upcoming documentary in sept. "Ockham's Razor:Mabel Real ghost documentary ", with interviews and never before seen footage."

So what do you think ghost or hoax?

This blog is dedicated to videos and pictures of ghosts and if they are real or just a hoax. Make your vote at the bottom of each post if its a ghost or hoax or just put maybe if you can't decide.